Global Headlines Archive

5/10/2018 Finnish Parliament Rejects Euthanasia Project
5/9/2018 Gibraltar split over demands for closer alignment with UK abortion laws
5/7/2018 American Medical Association Says No to Assisted Suicide
5/5/2018 Iowa Bans Most Abortions As Governor Signs 'Heartbeat' Bill
5/3/2018 Belgium takes big step towards decriminalising abortion
5/2/2018 Louisiana House Committee Passes Pro-Life Bill Banning Abortions After 15 Weeks
4/29/2018 Alfie Evans Dies 5 Days After Hospital Yanks His Life Support Without His Parents’ Permission
4/28/2018 El Salvador Rejects Legislation to Legalize Abortion
4/27/2018 New test sparks fear of massive rise in sex-selective abortions in India, China
4/24/2018 UN agencies denounce Mexico for proposed law allowing doctors to opt out of abortion, euthanasia
4/21/2018 Men Outnumber Women By 70 Million in China and India Thanks to Sex-Selection Abortions
4/20/2018 Extreme Gender Imbalance Is Changing The Social Fabric Of China And India
4/18/2018 British Health Secretary Wants to Women to Kill Their Babies in At-Home Abortions
4/17/2018 PA: Down syndrome abortion ban passes state House
4/13/2018 Congressmen urge U.S. gov’t to cut abortion groups out of family planning funds
4/11/2018 Thousands of Canadians to march against Trudeau’s abortion extremism
4/9/2018 Africans stand for life in UN battles over reproductive health
4/6/2018 Hundreds of UK nurses revolt against planned abortion expansion
4/4/2018 Korean Church petitions court to stick to abortion ban
4/3/2018 Cyprus Votes on Good Friday to Legalize Killing Babies in Abortions
3/29/2018 March for Life in Argentina draws massive crowds
3/28/2018 Mexico's Senate Passes Bill Protecting Doctors From Being Forced to Perform Abortions
3/27/2018 Missouri House backs ban on most abortions after 20 weeks
3/23/2018 Trump official says US is ‘pro-life country’ at United Nations
3/20/2018 Canadian Parliament votes down motion against pro-abortion oath for gov’t funding
3/19/2018 Cyprus: MPs to vote on abortion decriminalisation bill on March 30
3/16/2018 Argentina’s ‘pro-life’ president says he won’t veto bill legalizing abortion
3/15/2018 Court Upholds President Trump’s Decision to Overturn Obama Abortion Mandate
3/13/2018 Landmark Indian ruling on advanced care directives and withdrawal of treatment
3/9/2018 AU: Anti-abortionists have protest charges dismissed
3/5/2018 UN Claims Pro-Life Laws Protecting Unborn Babies are “Violence Against Women”
3/2/2018 Iowa Senate passes bill banning abortions on babies with beating hearts
3/1/2018 Indiana House Passes Historic Bill Permitting Murder Charges for Killing Unborn Baby
2/28/2018 New Zealand Anglican bishops speak out against moves to legalise euthanasia
2/26/2018 Malta needs to reform laws against abortion, Council of Europe’s Rights Commissioner insists
2/25/2018 The battle for life in Africa
2/23/2018 Trump Admin Removes Obama’s Abortion Advocacy From Key Report on Human Rights
2/22/2018 ‘We lose 1,400 girls a year. Who will our boys marry?’: Armenia's quandary
2/21/2018 Draft abortion referendum law agreed by Irish cabinet
2/20/2018 India: Parliamentary panel suggests abortions be allowed till 24 weeks of pregnancy
2/20/2018 India: Parliamentary panel suggests abortions be allowed till 24 weeks of pregnancy
2/19/2018 New Kansas Measure Says There’s No Right to Abortion in the Constitution
2/18/2018 UN is Pushing Abortion on Africa, But This Pro-Life Scientist is Trying to Stop Them
2/13/2018 Irish Members of Parliament Won’t Be Allowed to Vote Their Conscience on Legalizing Abortion
2/9/2018 Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Abortion Provision Snafu In Tasmania
2/6/2018 British doctors prepare to implant ‘three-parent’ embryos in women
2/5/2018 Denmark Tries to Eradicate Down Syndrome By Aborting Every Baby Who Has It
2/3/2018 Mississippi pushes abortion ban at 15 weeks, earliest in US
1/31/2018 India has 63 million 'missing' women and 21 million unwanted girls, government says
1/30/2018 Senate defeats Trump-backed 20-week abortion ban