Global Headlines Archive

8/5/2019 New Study Shows Abortion Drug Has Major Medical and Psychological Problems for Women
8/2/2019 Hungary offers married couples $33,000 if they have three children
7/30/2019 Trump Admin Implements More Pro-Life Rules to Stop Research With Aborted Baby Parts
7/29/2019 Australia: NSW set to decriminalise abortion with new bill before parliament
7/25/2019 Outrage as Belgium euthanizes people who can’t consent
7/22/2019 ‘No girls born’ for past three months in area of India covering 132 villages
7/22/2019 In Argentina, ‘pro-life’ doctors are a growing force against abortion
7/21/2019 Trump administration pauses new rule limiting abortion referrals: report
7/18/2019 Lords overwhelmingly back abortion liberalisation for Northern Ireland despite objections
7/17/2019 India Court Rules Women Have a Right to Abortions Up to Birth
7/15/2019 'You Have No Moral Grounds to Lecture Us': Philippine Senator Attacks Iceland as 'Baby Killers'
7/13/2019 House of Lords will attempt to prevent abortion being forced on Northern Ireland
7/12/2019 Ending daughter elimination in the developing world
7/11/2019 Polls Show Americans Support Unborn Children, Want All or Most Abortions Illegal
7/10/2019 Trump Admin Announces Commission to Counter Liberal Push to Make Abortion a “Human Right”
7/9/2019 UK: Abortion lobby amendment passes
7/8/2019 Thousands of pro-lifers condemn Ireland’s abortion referendum in Rally for Life
7/3/2019 German court overturns abortion advertising conviction
7/2/2019 Over 1,000 New Zealand docs stand up against euthanasia Bill
6/29/2019 British MP will try to open the door to assisted suicide next week
6/28/2019 French court rules that quadriplegic should be allowed to die
6/26/2019 ‘Embryo is a human being’: Russian Orthodox Church seeks ‘right to life’ for unborn children
6/25/2019 Ecuador march protests abortion, gay marriage
6/24/2019 UK appeal court stops forced abortion for disabled woman
6/21/2019 Kenya: High Court Rules Abortion Remains Illegal in Kenya
6/18/2019 AMA sticks to a policy of opposing assisted suicide
6/17/2019 Guam's Catholics oppose governor's plan to expand abortion
6/16/2019 German court fines two doctors over abortion 'advertising'
6/15/2019 Voluntary euthanasia is legalised in Australia allowing people to choose when they end their lives
6/13/2019 Nigerian pro-life leader exposes Western plot to undermine Africa’s pro-family values
6/12/2019 Hundreds of doctors in Malta take a stand in favour of life, against abortion
6/11/2019 Indian drug regulator files FIR against Amazon for online supply of abortion pills
6/10/2019 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Pro-Life Bill Banning Planned Parenthood Funding
6/6/2019 Louisiana Legislature Passes Constitutional Amendment Confirming There’s No Right to Abortion
6/4/2019 Catholic politician demands New Zealand govt. heed pro-life ‘voice’ in powerful inaugural speech
6/3/2019 Malta: All government members 'are against abortion' - Labour MP
5/16/2019 Canadian Court Rules Doctors Must Abort Babies and Euthanize Patients or Refer to a Doctor Who Will
5/15/2019 FDA urged to act on shipping abortion pills from India
5/14/2019 Chile advances bill permitting euthanasia for 14-year-old kids
5/12/2019 More 'heartbeat' abortion bills advancing in Midwest and South
5/9/2019 Calls for reform over India's 'vanishing girls'
5/8/2019 Georgia heartbeat bill signed into law
5/6/2019 India: IMA wants sex test ban repealed
5/4/2019 UN committee saves brain-damaged Frenchman from death by hunger, thirst
5/3/2019 US: Protections expanded for doctors with 'conscience' objections to abortions, other procedures
4/29/2019 Dutch mothers can now register their aborted babies as persons, helping the grieving process
4/26/2019 British parliamentary committee urges action on N Ireland abortion law
4/25/2019 Pro-life group condemns Westminster MPs for trying to force abortion on Northern Ireland
4/21/2019 European Ministry Empowers Healed Men and Women to Speak Truth about Abortion
4/20/2019 Ireland: Taoiseach Finally Admits Exclusion Zones Undermine Pro-Life Free Speech