Global Headlines Archive

12/6/2023 Sex-selective abortions in Azerbaijan continue to kill girls
12/4/2023 New South Wales is last Australian state to pass law allowing ‘voluntary assisted dying’
12/1/2023 Queensland introduces Australian-first law to allow midwives and nurses to prescribe abortion pills
11/29/2023 UK: At Home Abortion (Review) Bill receives First Reading
11/28/2023 MPs Could Vote On Decriminalising Abortion In England And Wales
11/27/2023 South Carolina Supreme Court Upholds Heartbeat Law That Has Saved Thousands of Babies From Abortion
11/27/2023 Church in Mexico rejects euthanasia: "An attack against the dignity of the person"
11/22/2023 UK: Gov. announces abortion buffer zone consultation
11/20/2023 Argentina elects pro-life president who pledged to hold abortion referendum
11/17/2023 Pro-Lifers in Nigeria Join 20 Organizations Opposed to EU Pro-Abortion Agreement
11/15/2023 European Union is Trying to Force Abortion on Pro-Life Nations in Africa
11/12/2023 Peru's Congress Passes Law Recognizing the Rights of Unborn Children
11/9/2023 UK: Three important pro-life bills to be introduced to the House of Lords
11/6/2023 AU: Medical abortions okayed even for second trimester
11/2/2023 Northern Ireland abortion rates double since Westminster act
10/30/2023 Rich Countries Renew Abortion Targeting of Africa
10/25/2023 Pro-Life Congressman Mike Johnson Elected Speaker of the House
10/23/2023 Canadian Parliament rejects effort to protect persons with mental illness from assisted death
10/19/2023 Supreme Court of India chooses to protect 26-week preborn baby from abortion
10/17/2023 Pro-life group denounces attempt to allow abortion for all nine months throughout Mexico
10/13/2023 Denmark: Ethics Council rejects euthanasia as “too great a risk” to vulnerable groups
10/9/2023 Dobbs Energizes Pro-Life Movement in Africa to Save Babies From Abortion
10/2/2023 Abortion protest buffer zones take effect in NI
9/27/2023 Hungary Approves New Law Saving Babies From Abortion
9/25/2023 UK: Charges Dropped Against Pro-Life Woman Arrested for Praying Outside Abortion Center
9/20/2023 Over 2,600 women in Ireland had their babies instead of abortion after three-day waiting period
9/19/2023 “Silent prayer, within itself, is not unlawful” says Home Secretary raising questions about abortion buffer zones
9/15/2023 European bishops concerned about draft bill on medical use of ‘human substances’
9/13/2023 New Zealand implements ‘safe areas’ to silence pro-life activity near abortion facilities
9/12/2023 Joe Biden Hijacks Global AIDS Relief Program to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions
9/9/2023 Ecuador: Court gives the go-ahead to free abortion
9/8/2023 Mexican Bishops Respond to Supreme Court Pro-Abortion Ruling: Every Life is Dignified
9/4/2023 Thousands March for Life through London
8/31/2023 Bishops in Liberia Caution Catholic Lawmakers against “inaction” to Oppose Abortion
8/24/2023 US Pro-Lifers Fight to Explicitly Exclude Abortion-Related Groups From Global AIDS-Relief Program
8/11/2023 How pro-lifers in Malta achieved a major victory and stopped abortion coming to Malta
8/10/2023 Liberia: Don't Legalize Killing
8/9/2023 Australia considers bill to require medical care for abortion survivors
8/8/2023 Guam can require in-person visits for abortion pill, says appeals court
8/8/2023 Guam can require in-person visits for abortion pill, says appeals court
8/3/2023 24 States Have Protected or Tried to Protect Babies From Abortion Since Dobbs
8/3/2023 UK: MPs hear “crazy” and “naive” assisted suicide law in Switzerland allows for self-regulation of assisted suicide clinics
7/31/2023 Explainer – How pro-lifers in Malta achieved a major victory and stopped abortion coming to Malta
7/27/2023 House Republicans Vote to Stop Biden Policy Allowing Abortions Up to Birth at VA Clinics
7/26/2023 Enough signatures collected for pro-life constitutional amendment process in Colombia
7/20/2023 Brazil congresswoman launches rosary campaign amid ‘serious threat’ of legalized abortion
7/19/2023 Bishops condemn European Union’s drafting of ‘right to abortion’
7/14/2023 House passes National Defense Authorization Act with pro-life amendments
7/12/2023 German lawmakers reject two proposals to legalize assisted suicide
7/6/2023 Spanish Pro-Life Group Takes Country’s Constitutional Court to Court