Global Headlines Archive

6/11/2019 Indian drug regulator files FIR against Amazon for online supply of abortion pills
6/10/2019 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Pro-Life Bill Banning Planned Parenthood Funding
6/6/2019 Louisiana Legislature Passes Constitutional Amendment Confirming There’s No Right to Abortion
6/4/2019 Catholic politician demands New Zealand govt. heed pro-life ‘voice’ in powerful inaugural speech
6/3/2019 Malta: All government members 'are against abortion' - Labour MP
5/16/2019 Canadian Court Rules Doctors Must Abort Babies and Euthanize Patients or Refer to a Doctor Who Will
5/15/2019 FDA urged to act on shipping abortion pills from India
5/14/2019 Chile advances bill permitting euthanasia for 14-year-old kids
5/12/2019 More 'heartbeat' abortion bills advancing in Midwest and South
5/9/2019 Calls for reform over India's 'vanishing girls'
5/8/2019 Georgia heartbeat bill signed into law
5/6/2019 India: IMA wants sex test ban repealed
5/4/2019 UN committee saves brain-damaged Frenchman from death by hunger, thirst
5/3/2019 US: Protections expanded for doctors with 'conscience' objections to abortions, other procedures
4/29/2019 Dutch mothers can now register their aborted babies as persons, helping the grieving process
4/26/2019 British parliamentary committee urges action on N Ireland abortion law
4/25/2019 Pro-life group condemns Westminster MPs for trying to force abortion on Northern Ireland
4/21/2019 European Ministry Empowers Healed Men and Women to Speak Truth about Abortion
4/20/2019 Ireland: Taoiseach Finally Admits Exclusion Zones Undermine Pro-Life Free Speech
4/16/2019 Sex-selective abortions may have stopped the birth of 23 million girls
4/13/2019 Medical students in Africa outraged over U.S. based org enticing them to become abortionists
4/11/2019 Canada pro-life organization tells UN there’s no ‘legal right’ to abortion
4/9/2019 House Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For 30th Time, Refuse Care for Babies Born Alive After Abortion
4/5/2019 Scottish council rejects ban on pro-life events
4/4/2019 Malta: George Vella sends clear message against abortion as he sets out his presidency’s priorities
4/2/2019 Abortion is destroying Spain’s future, new study finds
4/1/2019 Croatians battle over conscientious objection and abortion
3/31/2019 New Zealand: Overwhelming Majority Tell MPs To Kill The Euthanasia Bill
3/29/2019 41 states have introduced over 250 pro-life laws since January, Planned Parenthood complains
3/27/2019 Italy: Salvini says no change to abortion law
3/26/2019 Pompeo cuts OAS funds over advocacy of legal abortion
3/26/2019 Pompeo cuts OAS funds over advocacy of legal abortion
3/23/2019 Scotland: Council rejects abortion ‘buffer zones’ after NHS reps say there is no evidence vigils cause distress
3/21/2019 European ambassadors march for abortion in El Salvador, insulting local citizens
3/21/2019 Study finds China’s population control policy before the One Child Policy was responsible for 200,000 'Missing Girls'
3/20/2019 In Ireland, Maternity Doctors Must Agree to Help With Elective Abortion
3/16/2019 Scientists call for global moratorium on genetically modified babies
3/14/2019 Northern Ireland anti-abortion law has saved 100,000 lives, pro-lifers say
3/13/2019 Truth about Marie Stopes’ agenda in Africa stuns Ugandan MPs
3/12/2019 Australia would not support call for ‘access to safe abortion’ at United Nations
3/12/2019 Mississippi House passes bill to ban abortion of babies with beating hearts
3/7/2019 Alabama Judge Recognizes Unborn Baby as a Person With Rights
3/4/2019 South Korea: Constitutional Court ruling on abortion ban nears
2/21/2019 African Cardinal: Abortion Is ‘THE Hate Crime of Our Era’
2/19/2019 Ireland: Anti-abortion doctors told not to apply for maternity hospital posts
2/18/2019 Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Abortions if Roe v. Wade is Overturned
2/15/2019 Idaho Senate passes partial-birth abortion ban
2/14/2019 Mississippi Advances Abortion Ban After Fetal Heartbeat
2/13/2019 To boost birth rates, Hungary’s prime minister offers zero taxes for families with 4 or more kids
2/12/2019 Dismemberment Abortions Challenged by Louisiana, 20 Other States