Global Headlines Archive

3/30/2020 Trump Directs Hospitals to Protect Elderly, Disabled From Coronavirus Care Rationing: Value “Every Human Life”
3/23/2020 48 pro-life organizations in Latin America thank President Trump for defending the right to life abroad
3/20/2020 New Zealand: Abortion Legislation Bill passes third and final reading in Parliament
3/19/2020 India: LS passes bill raising upper limit for permitting abortions from 20 to 24 weeks
3/18/2020 US politicians call on UK government to let Northern Ireland decide its own abortion laws
3/16/2020 Argentina and Abortion: Pro-Lifers Rally to Prevent Legalization
3/16/2020 Court Lets Hospital Deny Jobs to Two Nurses Because They Refuse to Kill Babies in Abortions
3/12/2020 New Zealand: Voting mix-up sees abortion safe-zones axed and MPs 'gutted'
3/11/2020 OAS Secretary General backs 'essential' right to life
3/9/2020 India: Missing at birth: on sex selective abortion and infanticide
3/6/2020 Gibraltar divided ahead of abortion referendum
3/5/2020 Pro-life group threatens Government with legal action over changes to Northern Ireland abortion laws
3/4/2020 20 States, 207 Congressmen and Millions of Americans Want SCOTUS to Uphold Law Saving Babies From Abortion
3/3/2020 Colombia's Constitutional Court rules against legalizing abortion in first 16 weeks of pregnancy
3/2/2020 CAN: Saskatchewan MP introduces bill to ban sex-selective abortions
3/2/2020 CAN: Saskatchewan MP introduces bill to ban sex-selective abortions
2/28/2020 German high court overturns ban on ‘commercial’ assisted suicide
2/26/2020 Portuguese parliament votes to legalize euthanasia, assisted suicide
2/24/2020 Father Pavone Urges U.S. Senators to Vote for Pro-Life Bills
2/23/2020 Woman with Down’s syndrome takes UK Govt to court over allowing abortion up to birth for disabilities
2/21/2020 Portugal approves euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients in spite of protests
2/20/2020 New Zealand abortion bill 'totally unacceptable', bishops say
2/17/2020 Pro-life groups in Portugal organize referendum to fight govt push for euthanasia
2/13/2020 Ireland: All 15 TDs who voted against abortion legislation got re-elected
2/11/2020 Euthanasia bill moves ahead in Spanish parliament
2/10/2020 Pro-life bills advance in several US states
2/7/2020 Northern Ireland: Medics oppose restricting NI abortion to `arbitrary´ points before 24 weeks
2/5/2020 Trump calls on Congress to ban late term abortion: ‘Every child is a miracle of life’
2/4/2020 In Colombia, lawsuits seek to ban legal abortion
2/3/2020 India: Bishops oppose India's new proposed abortion law
1/31/2020 While #GirlDad trends, US sex-selective abortion is on the rise
1/29/2020 New Zealand voters to decide in September referendum if doctors can kill sick patients
1/25/2020 Hundreds of thousands protest abortion, hear Trump speak at March for Life
1/24/2020 Isle of Man rejects assisted suicide
1/22/2020 UK Parliament will debate assisted suicide this week
1/21/2020 Bahamas: Activists Say Abortion Ban A Factor In Illegal Pills Trade – For Some ‘There’S No Choice’
1/17/2020 China's birthrate falls to lowest level despite push for more babies
1/16/2020 ‘No international right to abortion’: Trump admin health secretary warns foreign health leaders
1/9/2020 UK: Pro-life MP uses maiden speech to defend the right to life of unborn babies and calls for a culture of choosing life
1/6/2020 Pope Francis Says Abortion is “Profaning God,” Condemns “Killing Life in the Womb”
1/3/2020 Hundreds of Members of Congress Tell Supreme Court: Overturn Roe v. Wade
12/30/2019 Argentina bishops criticize new government’s decree liberalizing abortion
12/27/2019 UK: “Stop Gambling With Women’s Health” Says SPUC As Report Re-Affirms The Dangers Of Abortion Pills
12/26/2019 No one obliged to cooperate with ‘unjust’ NI abortion law – bishops
12/21/2019 Belgium: Justice committee approves bill to decriminalise abortion
12/20/2019 Argentina judge suspends sale of abortion drug in pharmacies due to health risks
12/19/2019 Lawmakers in Mexican state defeat bill to expand legalization of abortion
12/18/2019 Trump and GOP Stop Democrats From Forcing Americans to Fund International Planned Parenthood
12/17/2019 Woman's Right to Abort Pregnancy Not an Absolute Right, Centre Tells Supreme Court