Global Headlines Archive

6/22/2017 Trump Admin Strongly Opposes UN Resolution Supporting Abortion
6/21/2017 Oregon bill allowing dementia patients to be starved fails to pass
6/20/2017 Georgia Now Bans Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks
6/19/2017 Ontario doctors fight law forcing them to help kill their patients
6/14/2017 Court Rules Hospital Can Not Override Parents and Yank Their Disabled Son’s Life Support
6/13/2017 The UN just gave Ireland 6 months to make a plan to legalize abortion
6/12/2017 Northern Ireland MPs under attack for defending life
6/7/2017 UN Partners With China to Push the One-Child Population Control Policy on African Nations
6/3/2017 Embryonic stem cell trials to launch in China
6/2/2017 Iowa: Supreme Court rules on a case involving birth defects and abortion
5/30/2017 Maine House rejects ‘death with dignity’ bill
5/26/2017 Polish parliament votes to limit access to morning after pill
5/25/2017 Euthanasia bill voted down in Tas parliament
5/24/2017 20,000+ pro-lifers March for Life in Croatia
5/22/2017 Thousands turn out in Rome for March that’s ‘taking on a life of its own’
5/20/2017 Pope Francis: No Research Justifies Killing Human Embryos, Unborn Babies “Precious in the Eyes of God”
5/18/2017 Critics debunk ‘safe’ medical abortion study: it’s unscientific, and puts women at risk
5/17/2017 Trump Administration to Implement New ‘Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance’ Policy
5/15/2017 Trump administration expands pro-life Mexico City Policy
5/12/2017 Another pro-abortion measure defeated in Australia
5/10/2017 AU: Massive pro-life petition stuns parliament in New South Wales
5/5/2017 UN Tries and Fails to Convince Honduras to Legalize Abortion
5/5/2017 Poland Considers New Law Banning All Abortions and Protecting Unborn Children
5/2/2017 Alaska Committee Passes Amendment Calling Abortion “The Ultimate Form of Child Abuse”
5/1/2017 Australian archbishop urges faithful to oppose pro-abortion legislation
4/28/2017 Mexican pro-lifers demand expulsion of ‘abortion ship’
4/26/2017 Ireland: Ministers call for abortion vote within a year
4/25/2017 Prague March for Life doubles in size: 5,000+ join fight against abortion
4/24/2017 IRE: Assembly votes to amend rather than repeal Eighth Amendment
4/19/2017 How Armenia Is Trying To Stop Sex-Selective Abortions
4/15/2017 How one Nairobi woman saves young mothers from the pressure to abort
4/12/2017 Culture and policy explain why sex ratios are skewed in Asia
4/10/2017 Two Countries Grant Legal Personhood to Rivers, But Not Unborn Babies
4/7/2017 Dutch doctors oppose plans for ‘completed life’ euthanasia
4/5/2017 Christian programme matches discarded adopted embryos with donor parents
4/3/2017 Arizona Gov Signs Law to Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortion After Planned Parenthood Admits Killing Them
4/2/2017 Women’s rights activist slam UN agency’s support of China’s forced abortions
3/30/2017 UK High Court Rejects Challenge to Law Banning Assisted Suicide
3/25/2017 Thousands March to Protest Abortion in Romanian Capital
3/23/2017 Bill protecting Down syndrome babies from abortion passes Oklahoma House in landslide
3/22/2017 ‘Sex-selection’ abortion ban gets final OK in Arkansas House
3/21/2017 On World Down Syndrome Day, noting a Down’s holocaust
3/20/2017 France Risks Violating the Right to Freedom of Expression with New Abortion Law Proposals
3/17/2017 UK: Three-person baby licence granted
3/16/2017 MPs win right to challenge Victorian law criminalising abortion
3/14/2017 Abortion Bill struck down in Ireland
3/13/2017 China Aborts Over 63,000 Unborn Babies Every Single Day
3/10/2017 Tory peer Lord Shinkwin warns Britain’s abortion laws are a ‘licence to kill disabled
3/5/2017 Indian court rejects plea to abort foetus with Down’s syndrome
3/3/2017 Poll shows that Repeal 8th message has failed