Global Headlines Archive

3/15/2023 Ugandan MP calls Liberal funding for abortion overseas ‘colonization’
3/13/2023 Thousands turn out for pro-life march in Spain to oppose laws that threaten human life
3/10/2023 The challenge of enshrining abortion rights in the French constitution
3/8/2023 UK: MPs line up to speak out against buffer zones, but amendment rejected
3/6/2023 MPs try to prevent the introduction of “thoughtcrime” outside abortion clinics in England and Wales
3/3/2023 Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Condemns Abortion: Women “Miss Out on the Joy of Raising a Child”
3/1/2023 Thousands March in Defense of Family and Children in Mexico
2/27/2023 Japan moves toward approving abortion pill in major shift
2/24/2023 Malta: Pro-life coalition meets the prime minister over 'abortion' bill
2/20/2023 Spain passes new abortion law even more permissive than one upheld by Constitutional Court
2/15/2023 Dozens of Members of Congress Sign Brief Challenging FDA Approval of Dangerous Abortion Drug
2/14/2023 Spanish Political Leader Condemns Abortion: “From the Beginning of Human Gestation, There is Life”
2/10/2023 Third attempt to legalize euthanasia in Portugal fails
2/8/2023 Joe Biden Celebrates Abortion in State of the Union Address
2/3/2023 Euthanasia law rejected by Portugal’s Constitutional Court
2/2/2023 Countries in the Americas should reinforce abortion protections, rights commission urges
1/27/2023 Thousands of pro-lifers march in Paris as French Parliament considers radical pro-abortion measure
1/23/2023 March for Life 2023 speakers celebrate Roe’s end, call for Americans to keep fighting for life
1/20/2023 March for Life returns to DC with new post-Roe v. Wade focus
1/13/2023 Portugal: Euthanasia Law Sent to Constitutional Court
1/12/2023 House Republicans Pass Resolution Condemning Pro-Abortion Violence at Pregnancy Centers
1/11/2023 House Republicans Pass Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Who Survive Abortions
1/9/2023 Malta: No date set for Parliamentary committee to discuss abortion bill, PN Whip says
1/5/2023 Malawi Parliament Blocks Bill to Legalize Killing Babies in Abortions
12/31/2022 Incoming House leadership set to introduce pro-life legislation
12/29/2022 Override of veto on Guam Heartbeat Act fails; abortion battle will continue
12/21/2022 Bill Gates Sends $7 Billion To Africa For Population Control
12/16/2022 Spain Adopts Legislation Allowing Women Aged 16 To Have Abortion Without Parents' Consent
12/15/2022 Dutch court rejects attempt to widen euthanasia laws
12/13/2022 Guam Legislature Advances Bill That Bans Abortions on Unborn Babies With Beating Hearts
12/6/2022 10,000 Pro-Life People Flood the Streets of Malta to Protest Bill to Legalize Abortion
12/5/2022 French pro-choice politicians try to bypass the people to amend the constitution
11/30/2022 Malta: President ‘prepared to resign’ over abortion law amendment
11/29/2022 Overwhelming majority of MPs speak against introducing ‘right’ to abortion in UK law
11/17/2022 Malta moves to ease EU's last total ban on abortion
11/14/2022 Dutch party wants abortion to be a human right across Europe
11/8/2022 10 races that will shape abortion access in the states
11/3/2022 Honduras to legalize morning-after pill for rape victims
10/28/2022 Finland's parliament approves reform to strict abortion laws
10/27/2022 Mexican State Votes to Legalize Killing Unborn Babies Up to 12 Weeks
10/24/2022 French Senate Defeats Bill to Make Killing Babies in Abortions a Constitutional Right
10/21/2022 French Senate Defeats Bill to Make Killing Babies in Abortions a Constitutional Right
10/20/2022 UK: Bill hijacked to introduce abortion buffer zones
10/18/2022 Biden pledges law on abortion rights if Democrats keep Congress
10/14/2022 Korea: Abortion pill in review for over a year
10/12/2022 Stop “pressuring eSwatini to legalize abortion”, Catholic Activists Petition Advocacy Body
10/6/2022 Most Surgical Abortions in S. Korea Conducted Illegally: Lawmaker
10/3/2022 Korea: Campaign of prayer for life, raising awareness to avoid abortion
9/30/2022 Africa: Safe abortion: New calls for full decriminalisation
9/27/2022 Italy Elects First Woman Prime Minister, She’s Pro-Life and Pro-Family