Global Headlines Archive

9/18/2018 Ireland: Eighth Amendment repealed as Irish President signs bill into law
9/14/2018 Christian doctors unite worldwide to challenge WMA on conscience rights
9/13/2018 UK: Calls for abortion clinic buffer zones rejected
9/12/2018 Guatemala: Congressional Committee Rejects Bill Granting Abortions to Underage Rape Victims
9/11/2018 Former Taoiseach condemns abortion of baby girls as "most extreme form of misogyny"
9/10/2018 Dominican Republic pro-life march: 'Let’s save both lives!'
9/8/2018 Ireland: Doctors should not be forced to ‘aid and abet’ abortions, says John Bruton
9/3/2018 South Korea identifies abortion as an 'immoral medical action'
9/1/2018 Thousands March Against Abortion Bill in Australia
8/31/2018 After 25 years of leading Priests for Life my goal is the same: end abortion
8/24/2018 US: Senate fails to pass Paul amendment to defund Planned Parenthood
8/21/2018 Morocco: Health Minister removes misoprostol from pharmacies for six months and a safe abortion advocate is arrested soon after
8/19/2018 Queensland MPs who support abortion reform face voter backlash: poll
8/17/2018 Australia Senate Defeats Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide
8/15/2018 AU: Euthanasia Senate debate set to continue
8/14/2018 9 percent of all abortions are following sex selection in India, says IDF, asks India to focus on women's health
8/11/2018 Argentina: Senate votes down abortion on demand, ‘Every human life is valuable’
8/8/2018 Ireland: Simon Harris to extend abortion service to citizens of North
8/3/2018 Argentine doctors stand firmly for life in protests ahead of Senate abortion vote
8/2/2018 Chile Government Opposes Bill Legalizing Abortion: “President Will Use All Constitutional Means” to Stop It
8/1/2018 “The First 1000 Days of Life” are “vital”, says Select Committee
7/31/2018 Catholic Hospitals in Ireland Refuse to Comply With Government Demand to Do Abortions
7/26/2018 New Zealand: Anti-abortion protest delivers thousands of baby booties to Parliament
7/25/2018 FDA Report: Abortion Pill Kills 22 Women, Injures Thousands More
7/24/2018 NZ: Catholics put case to MPs on euthanasia bill
7/20/2018 UN demands Mexican state ‘promptly comply’ with ruling legalizing abortion
7/13/2018 Report: China Considers Economic Incentives to Make Couples Have Children
7/12/2018 Deaths overtake births in Europe, new stats confirm
7/9/2018 Pregnant Women in Chinese Province Must Keep Children in New Measure to Create Gender Balance
7/7/2018 Argentine Senate Starts Debating Historic Abortion Bill
7/5/2018 Italy’s New Pro-life Minister for Families Hits the Ground Running
7/2/2018 UK Court of Appeal upholds ban on doctors killing patients, cites ‘sanctity of life’
6/29/2018 IoM Abortion Reform Bill approved by Legislative Council
6/25/2018 Fearing 'culture of death,' Seoul rallies against abortion
6/20/2018 Malta: Parliament approves controversial amendments to embryo protection law
6/15/2018 US Protects Unborn Children at OAS
6/13/2018 Ireland’s Prime Minister Says Catholic Hospitals Must Perform Abortions
6/10/2018 Canada introduces more abortion buffer zones
6/7/2018 Precious Life welcome Supreme Court Rejection of case to change NI abortion law
6/6/2018 Gibraltar Will Keep Its Pro-Life Laws in Place Despite Ireland Voting for Abortion
6/1/2018 Democratic Louisiana Governor Signs 15-Week Abortion Ban
5/30/2018 Portugal's parliament to vote on bills legalizing euthanasia
5/26/2018 Abortion ban challenged in South Korea’s Constitutional Court
5/26/2018 Two-thirds of Irish vote to repeal abortion ban
5/22/2018 Irish politician punished by party for being pro-life: ‘Friday’s referendum is about life and death’
5/21/2018 Guernsey Parliament Defeats Proposal to Legalize Assisted Suicide
5/16/2018 Indian abortion pill draws govt warning
5/15/2018 Ireland: Doctors won’t be forced to dispense abortion pills
5/10/2018 Finnish Parliament Rejects Euthanasia Project
5/9/2018 Gibraltar split over demands for closer alignment with UK abortion laws