Global Headlines Archive

2/8/2019 War of words: World Health Organization sneaks pro-abortion language into resolutions
2/7/2019 German Cabinet approves revised abortion law
2/6/2019 Trump Urges Congress to Pass Late-Term Abortion Ban
2/5/2019 Canadian Parliament to debate conscience rights bill
2/4/2019 Pro-Abortion Senate Democrats Block Vote on Legislation to Stop Infanticide
2/1/2019 India: Calcutta high court rejects abortion plea
1/30/2019 Northern Ireland’s abortion laws challenged in High Court
1/29/2019 ‘Normalised’ euthanasia in Netherlands evidence of ‘slippery slope’
1/28/2019 Chinese Scientist Makes Second Gene-Edited Unborn Baby, Now 12-14 Weeks in Utero
1/24/2019 Hundreds of thousands attend US March for Life
1/23/2019 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth
1/22/2019 African pro-life leader to US youth: ‘You will bring an end to…abortion’
1/19/2019 President Donald Trump Tells March for Life: I Will Veto Any Bill That Promotes Abortion
1/18/2019 USA: Democrats Defeat Pro-Life Senate Bill to Permanently Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions
1/17/2019 Mexico Introduces Bill to Legalize Abortion On Demand After Pressure From UN
1/16/2019 Isle of Man: Manx abortion reforms to be introduced after new law receives Royal Assent
1/15/2019 India: Calcutta HC Allows Woman To Abort 25-Week-Old Abnormal Foetus
1/14/2019 Azerbaijan’s new sex-ed curriculum targets sex-selective abortions
1/11/2019 Human rights court to hear case of Belgian euthanasia for depression
1/10/2019 Abortion Activists Pressure Pro-Life Ecuador to Legalize Abortions
1/9/2019 Debate begins on decriminalizing abortion in Ecuador
1/7/2019 As Irish abortions begin, gov’t makes plans to censor pro-life dissent
1/4/2019 Trump administration rejects Democrat spending bill to restore foreign abortion money
1/2/2019 Over 41 million abortions estimated in 2018, making ‘choice’ world’s leading cause of death
12/28/2018 Ireland: Health Minister to ban protests at abortion providers
12/23/2018 South Africa: It takes two to tango’ – Political party advocates for fathers to have a say in abortions
12/21/2018 Irish president signs bill legalising abortion
12/20/2018 19 States Ask Supreme Court to Uphold Ban on Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome
12/18/2018 Chilean court: Private health facilities can't be forced to do abortions
12/16/2018 Peer demands inquest over UK Govt funding for illegal abortions in Kenya
12/15/2018 “We want a Brazil without abortion”, says new minister
12/14/2018 Ireland Parliament Votes to Legalize Abortions Up to 6 Months, Overturn Legal Protections for Unborn Babies
12/13/2018 Heartbeat abortion bill passes Ohio Senate
12/10/2018 Former prime minister, current MPs join New Zealand’s 2nd annual March for Life
12/7/2018 Conscience abortion vote likely to be given to South Australian MPs
12/6/2018 Irish parliament passes bill to legalise abortion
12/3/2018 Claims British aid money is being spent on funding illegal abortions in Kenya must be investigated, says pro-life campaigning peer
11/26/2018 Abortions in the United States Hit New All-Time Low, More Babies Saved From Abortion Than Ever
11/19/2018 Kenya bans Marie Stopes from offering abortion services
11/16/2018 UN Committee Wants to Make Abortion and Assisted Suicide a ‘Universal Human Right’
11/14/2018 US states vote to uphold rights of unborn
11/13/2018 Western Australia State Government to introduce euthanasia bill
11/13/2018 Western Australia State Government to introduce euthanasia bill
11/12/2018 The “medical Conscience” civil rights movement
11/10/2018 The “medical Conscience” civil rights movement
11/9/2018 Ireland Committee Votes for Free Abortions for Women Funded by Taxpayers
11/7/2018 Ireland: Health committee rejects abortion legislation amendments by pro-life TDs
11/5/2018 New Zealand: Using illegally imported abortion kits 'potentially life threatening'
11/1/2018 Ireland: Pro-Life Lawmaker Suspended By His Political Party for Voting Against Abortion
10/30/2018 Isle of Man: Manx legislature advances abortion reform bill