Global Headlines Archive

7/9/2029 Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Order Protecting Little Sisters From Funding Abortions
7/20/2020 UN Population Fund defends ‘right’ to abort female half of population
7/16/2020 Kenya Having Another Go at Passing a Reproductive Rights Bill
7/13/2020 Attempt to ‘hijack’ Domestic Abuse Bill to liberalize UK abortion law fails
7/10/2020 President Trump Sanctions Communist China After it Forces Women to Have Abortions
7/8/2020 UK: Pro-Life MP Hails ‘Clear Victory’ Over Abortion Amendments
7/2/2020 What the SCOTUS decision on anti-trafficking rules means for pro-life policies
6/30/2020 Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion regulations
6/30/2020 UK: Court of Appeal will hear challenge against ‘DIY’ home abortions
6/29/2020 China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress population
6/26/2020 UK: MPs vote to ban pro-life support outside abortion clinics, but Bill is unlikely to become law
6/25/2020 Guernsey abortion laws to be 'modernised' by States
6/24/2020 Mississippi House Passes Bill Banning Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome
6/21/2020 Tennessee lawmakers pass 'heartbeat' abortion bill banning procedure after six weeks
6/18/2020 UK: House of Lords backs NI regulations
6/16/2020 Texas can keep abortion ban through coronavirus disaster, court rules
6/14/2020 The case for ‘abortion rights’ collapses as medical technology advances
6/10/2020 Federal Court Upholds Trump’s Pro-Life Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
6/8/2020 France: Request by women’s rights members of parliament to extend the upper time limit for surgical abortion during the pandemic fails
6/3/2020 The Northern Ireland Assembly voted this evening to reject Westminster imposed abortion regulations.
6/3/2020 NI Assembly votes to reject Westminster imposed abortion regulations
6/2/2020 NI Assembly votes to reject Westminster imposed abortion regulations
6/2/2020 78 Members of Congress Sign Letter Supporting Doctors, Nurses Who Refuse to Do Abortions
5/26/2020 Mexico: Initiative for the decriminalization of abortion rejected in Guanajuato
5/25/2020 UK: New laws propose ban on pregnant women aborting babies with minor disabilities
5/23/2020 Chinese biotech firm boasts about ‘screening out’ Down syndrome children as huge moneymaker
5/20/2020 President Trump Rejects Pro-Abortion WHO Resolution: “We Believe in Legal Protections for the Unborn”
5/18/2020 USAID Administrator: "the UN should not use this crisis as an opportunity to advance access to abortion as an “essential service”
5/17/2020 In Ecuador, pro-life groups protest U.N. abortion conditions on coronavirus aid
5/14/2020 Call for Westminster to put abortion legislation responsibility into NI hands
5/12/2020 Governments worldwide using coronavirus panic to usher in do-it-yourself abortions
5/11/2020 Peruvian congresswoman challenges coronavirus abortion regulations
5/7/2020 UK: Abortion image ‘sickening’ and ‘horrific’ says judge as ban upheld
5/6/2020 Pro-life leaders ask for FDA crackdown on illegal sale of abortion drugs
5/5/2020 Planned Parenthood Wants to Ship Abortion Pills Nationwide: “Any House Can be an Abortion Clinic”
5/4/2020 Polish president supports bill to ban ‘eugenic’ abortions against disabled babies
5/2/2020 137 Members of Congress Ask Supreme Court to Uphold Law Defunding Planned Parenthood
4/30/2020 India: A Dangerous Fallout of Coronavirus Pandemic: Govt Suspends Ban on Sex Determination Test
4/29/2020 Brazil’s Supreme Court rejects effort to legalize abortion in Zika cases
4/27/2020 World Abortion Leaders Exploit Virus to Push Abortion
4/25/2020 Bishops call on Northern Ireland assembly to modify abortion law
4/24/2020 Moscow Halts Abortions During Coronavirus Outbreak: Activists
4/22/2020 Abortion Activists Change the Term “Surgical Abortion” to Dehumanize Unborn Babies Even Further
4/21/2020 Three states' coronavirus abortion bans remain after court interventions
4/20/2020 Africa Needs Medical Supplies to Fight Coronavirus, Feminists Send Condoms and Abortion Kits
4/15/2020 Trump halts funding to World Health Organization over coronavirus outbreak
4/14/2020 Investigative report: Disabled, elderly at ‘back of the line’ for COVID-19 care in at least 25 states
4/14/2020 So far, U.S. courts rule for abortion rights during coronavirus pandemic
4/9/2020 European nations urged to protect abortion access in coronavirus lockdown
4/8/2020 Telemedicine Abortion Care Comes To New Zealand