Global Headlines Archive

5/14/2024 ‘Say no to abortion up to birth’: What’s at stake for the UK this 15 May
5/13/2024 UK: MPs propose law change that would make sex-selective abortion legal in England and Wales
5/8/2024 Denmark set to expand abortion and allow it for minors without parental consent
5/4/2024 More than 110 cities mobilized in Colombia to demand an end to abortion
5/2/2024 Scotland: MSPs back world’s most extreme buffer zone law, despite public opposition
5/1/2024 UK: Large number of MPs speak out against assisted suicide
4/30/2024 Pope’s top deputy calls EU abortion vote a ‘radical attack’ on life
4/28/2024 Thousands marched in Mexico City in rejection of abortion and demanding respect for pregnant women
4/23/2024 Tens of thousands march for life in Poland as lawmakers attempt to end preborn lives
4/22/2024 Catholic Activists Petition Eviction of Group Promoting “a massacre of Nigeria's pre-born babies”
4/19/2024 Australia & Canada: Pro-lifers protest euthanasia push
4/17/2024 Italy passes measures to allow anti-abortion activists to enter abortion clinics
4/15/2024 Latest EU parliamentary abortion endorsement is ‘a non binding’ resolution, ADF Legal points out
4/11/2024 European Parliament Votes to Make Killing Babies in Abortions a Fundamental Right
4/9/2024 EU Bishops: Abortion can never be a fundamental right
4/7/2024 Malta: ‘Referendum must decide abortion issue’ – new president
4/4/2024 Biden Pressures Guatemala to Withdraw from Pro-life Document; Senate Responds
4/3/2024 Scotland to vote on legalising assisted dying for the third time
4/1/2024 Florida Supreme Court Allows Heartbeat Law to Take Effect, Protecting Babies From Abortion
3/26/2024 EU to debate adding right to kill preborn children to Charter of Fundamental Rights
3/26/2024 US: Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday in case that could restrict access to abortion medication
3/25/2024 Today the world celebrates the Day of the Unborn Child!
3/19/2024 UK: Petition of 102,573 calling for lower abortion limit delivered to No. 10 by parents of children born at 22 and 23 weeks
3/15/2024 Peru's Congress Approves Law Guaranteeing Protection of Pregnant Women and Their Babies
3/14/2024 68 Cities are Now “Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn” That Protect Babies From Abortion
3/11/2024 March for Life in Spain takes the mask off culture of death
3/9/2024 Argentine President Milei: Abortion is aggravated homicide
3/5/2024 France becomes the only country to explicitly guarantee abortion as a constitutional right
2/28/2024 Radical European politicians are pushing hard to legalize abortion up to birth
2/27/2024 UK: Conservative MPs threaten to derail Govt bill if extreme abortion amendment added
2/26/2024 UK: Parliament to vote on lowering abortion time limit after cross-party group of 25 MPs table amendment to Criminal Justice Bill
2/23/2024 Biden State Department Launches Global Campaign Against Pro-Life/Family Groups
2/22/2024 UAE Introduces Change in Abortion Law
2/20/2024 IRE: Experts warn Irish lawmakers against legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia
2/15/2024 Members of Congress Demand Justice for Five Full-Term Babies Killed in Abortions
2/12/2024 Ecuador’s Constitutional Court Approves Euthanasia
2/7/2024 Pro-Life Leaders Condemn Pandemic Agreement With WHO, Which Calls Killing Babies in Abortions “Essential”
2/5/2024 British MP calls for ban on surrogacy: ‘We have a duty to protect children’
2/1/2024 Pro-Life Group Launches Massive Campaign to Turn Out Millions of Pro-Life Voters
1/30/2024 France National Assembly votes in favour of including right to abortion in constitution
1/26/2024 UK: Abortion up to birth amendments withdrawn
1/24/2024 Polish Government To Propose Easing Abortion Restrictions
1/22/2024 House Republicans Pass Bill to Stop Biden From Defunding Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers
1/21/2024 March for Life draws tens of thousands with rallying cry, ‘With every woman, for every child’
1/20/2024 March for Life speakers promote care for pregnant women and children nationwide
1/17/2024 Scotland: Senior MSPs speak out against assisted suicide bill
1/9/2024 Biden administration rescinds much of Trump ‘conscience’ rule for health workers
1/4/2024 Australia Human Rights Commission Wants to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children
1/4/2024 Australia Human Rights Commission Wants to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children
1/2/2024 Latin America will see major elections and abortion debated this year