Global Headlines Archive

11/29/2019 Church of England vows to 'vigorously challenge' efforts to further relax abortion laws
11/26/2019 UK: Dozens of MPs sign pledge to protect the unborn
11/22/2019 CAN: Controversial conscience rights bill for Alberta physicians voted down
11/21/2019 Maltese doctors do not agree with total ban on abortion, survey finds
11/20/2019 Morocco: Head of Government Condemns NGOs’ Calls for Decriminalizing Abortion
11/18/2019 Pope Francis: The poor, unborn, and elderly are neglected in the frenzy of modern life
11/13/2019 New Zealand lawmakers pass euthanasia bill, referendum next
11/12/2019 Abortion Extremists Hijack the U.N.
11/11/2019 United Nations Summit Will Push Abortion on African Countries That Don’t Want It
11/9/2019 United Nations Summit Will Push Abortion on African Countries That Don’t Want It
11/6/2019 African bishops say UN Nairobi Summit will be destructive of pro-life agenda
11/5/2019 Northern Ireland: Abortion consultation: Proposed laws ‘more extreme’ than England and Wales
10/31/2019 UK: Mothers reveal huge pressure to abort babies with Down’s syndrome
10/29/2019 U.S. pitted against Britain, France, South Africa, others at U.N. over abortion
10/22/2019 Pompeo highlights religious freedom, pro-life goals as among US priorities
10/21/2019 Abortion: NI politicians' bid to halt law changes fails
10/20/2019 Most Dutch paediatricians want euthanasia for kids: report
10/17/2019 UK: Woman with learning disabilities at centre of abortion fight gives birth
10/16/2019 UK judge orders forced abortion, says doctors can restrain woman to do it
10/14/2019 Abortion activists expand their ‘ideological colonization’ to Latin America
10/12/2019 Majority in Northern Ireland oppose extreme new abortion laws
10/11/2019 Brazilian minister says World Health Org’s abortion guidelines risk girls’ lives
10/10/2019 India: 17.3 million girls not born due to sex-selective abortion
10/9/2019 Mexico: Puebla legislators move to reject abortion, same-sex marriage
10/8/2019 Pro-life coalition discourages reelection of OAS secretary general
10/3/2019 Northern Ireland abortion law found to breach human rights
9/30/2019 Northern Ireland: Plans for abortion law in North advances as Stormont remains shut
9/26/2019 Italy's top court backs assisted dying in extreme cases
9/25/2019 AU: Abortion bill passes upper house after marathon debate
9/24/2019 Mexico: Oaxaca lawmakers prepare to vote to decriminalize abortion
9/21/2019 AU: Sex selection win for conservative MPs in abortion debate
9/20/2019 Ecuador rejects abortion expansion despite violent pro-abortion protesters
9/18/2019 UK: Human rights body challenged over ‘loss of NI abortion safeguards’
9/16/2019 New Northern Ireland abortion law 'may give health staff no choice'
9/15/2019 New Zealand: Parliament rejects accountability safeguards for euthanasia
9/13/2019 Scotland: Christian Lawmaker May be Kicked Out of Her Political Party for Voting Pro-Life
9/12/2019 MPs Tell Prime Minister Boris Johnson Not to Impose Abortion on Pro-Life Northern Ireland
9/10/2019 ‘Disgraceful injustice’: Thousands protest law to force abortion on N Ireland
9/9/2019 Court orders Mexican Senate to take up pro-family constitutional amendment bill
9/5/2019 Thousands of People Line the Streets in Costa Rica to Protest Abortion
9/4/2019 A South African Doctor faces charges for saying a foetus is a human being
9/2/2019 Amsterdam: D66 to press ahead with bill to support assisted suicide for ‘completed lives’
8/30/2019 G7 Rejects Abortion Language in Final Communique
8/26/2019 Indian ministers intend to introduce “eugenic” abortions says Indian Health Minister
8/23/2019 New documentary exposes China’s devastating abortion regime in stark detail
8/22/2019 UK: Abortion clinic buffer zones ruled legal by Court of Appeal as it says protesters can be forced 100m away
8/21/2019 Thousands of Aussies protest bill to decriminalize abortion in New South Wales
8/20/2019 New South Wales parliament delays final abortion bill vote
8/15/2019 Pro-life groups in Malta fight to keep abortion illegal, despite pressure
8/14/2019 New Zealand abortion Bill challenged by MPs