Global Headlines Archive

2/7/2024 Pro-Life Leaders Condemn Pandemic Agreement With WHO, Which Calls Killing Babies in Abortions “Essential”
2/5/2024 British MP calls for ban on surrogacy: ‘We have a duty to protect children’
2/1/2024 Pro-Life Group Launches Massive Campaign to Turn Out Millions of Pro-Life Voters
1/30/2024 France National Assembly votes in favour of including right to abortion in constitution
1/26/2024 UK: Abortion up to birth amendments withdrawn
1/24/2024 Polish Government To Propose Easing Abortion Restrictions
1/22/2024 House Republicans Pass Bill to Stop Biden From Defunding Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers
1/21/2024 March for Life draws tens of thousands with rallying cry, ‘With every woman, for every child’
1/20/2024 March for Life speakers promote care for pregnant women and children nationwide
1/17/2024 Scotland: Senior MSPs speak out against assisted suicide bill
1/9/2024 Biden administration rescinds much of Trump ‘conscience’ rule for health workers
1/4/2024 Australia Human Rights Commission Wants to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children
1/4/2024 Australia Human Rights Commission Wants to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children
1/2/2024 Latin America will see major elections and abortion debated this year
12/30/2023 Americans United for Life releases scorecard for most pro-life states in U.S.
12/28/2023 Brazil’s Congress nixes government funding of abortions, sex changes for minors
12/26/2023 Pope Francis Condemns Abortion in Christmas Message, Calls Killing Babies the “Slaughtering” of Innocents
12/22/2023 India’s battle against female foeticide: a father’s crusade to close the gender gap
12/21/2023 Chile voters reject pro-life Constitution
12/20/2023 UK high court allows abortion buffer zone to stand, says even silent prayer is ‘detrimental’
12/19/2023 NZ bishops want new Government to promote policies that reduce abortion
12/15/2023 European court orders Poland to pay damages to woman denied abortion for Down syndrome baby
12/13/2023 Scottish consultation on extreme buffer zone bill closes next week
12/11/2023 Vietnam grapples with an epidemic of sex-selective abortion
12/6/2023 Sex-selective abortions in Azerbaijan continue to kill girls
12/6/2023 UK: Parliamentary motion launched to reinstate in-person abortion appointments
12/4/2023 New South Wales is last Australian state to pass law allowing ‘voluntary assisted dying’
12/1/2023 Queensland introduces Australian-first law to allow midwives and nurses to prescribe abortion pills
11/29/2023 UK: At Home Abortion (Review) Bill receives First Reading
11/28/2023 MPs Could Vote On Decriminalising Abortion In England And Wales
11/27/2023 South Carolina Supreme Court Upholds Heartbeat Law That Has Saved Thousands of Babies From Abortion
11/27/2023 Church in Mexico rejects euthanasia: "An attack against the dignity of the person"
11/22/2023 UK: Gov. announces abortion buffer zone consultation
11/20/2023 Argentina elects pro-life president who pledged to hold abortion referendum
11/17/2023 Pro-Lifers in Nigeria Join 20 Organizations Opposed to EU Pro-Abortion Agreement
11/15/2023 European Union is Trying to Force Abortion on Pro-Life Nations in Africa
11/12/2023 Peru's Congress Passes Law Recognizing the Rights of Unborn Children
11/9/2023 UK: Three important pro-life bills to be introduced to the House of Lords
11/6/2023 AU: Medical abortions okayed even for second trimester
11/2/2023 Northern Ireland abortion rates double since Westminster act
10/30/2023 Rich Countries Renew Abortion Targeting of Africa
10/25/2023 Pro-Life Congressman Mike Johnson Elected Speaker of the House
10/23/2023 Canadian Parliament rejects effort to protect persons with mental illness from assisted death
10/19/2023 Supreme Court of India chooses to protect 26-week preborn baby from abortion
10/17/2023 Pro-life group denounces attempt to allow abortion for all nine months throughout Mexico
10/13/2023 Denmark: Ethics Council rejects euthanasia as “too great a risk” to vulnerable groups
10/9/2023 Dobbs Energizes Pro-Life Movement in Africa to Save Babies From Abortion
10/2/2023 Abortion protest buffer zones take effect in NI
9/27/2023 Hungary Approves New Law Saving Babies From Abortion
9/25/2023 UK: Charges Dropped Against Pro-Life Woman Arrested for Praying Outside Abortion Center