Global Headlines Archive

6/13/2022 Conscientious objection ‘may become indefensible’ according to new WHO guidance
6/9/2022 More than 90,000 people reject "radical reform" of abortion law in Spain
6/8/2022 Catholic bishops’ commission: EU parliament resolution on US abortion law is ‘unacceptable interference’
6/7/2022 Louisiana lawmakers pass two bills protecting preborn children
6/6/2022 Japan set to approve abortion pill, but abortion advocates aren’t happy
6/2/2022 An interview with Dr. Alveda King: Human lives matter, from the womb to the tomb
6/1/2022 MP tables amendment to introduce up to 2-year jail term for offering support to women outside abortion clinics
5/31/2022 Abortion does not protect women from needless death or injury, Ethiopian abortion data shows
5/24/2022 Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: “Life is a Gift From God”
5/22/2022 Green MSP launches Bill to introduce up to 2 years’ jail term for offering support to women outside abortion clinics in Scotland
5/20/2022 AU: Voluntary assisted dying is now legal in NSW after MPs vote in favour of euthanasia laws
5/16/2022 Colombia Signs Pro-Life Declaration Rejecting "Right" to Abortion
5/13/2022 Early at-home abortions will continue in Scotland
5/12/2022 Colombia legalizes assisted suicide in historic ruling
5/6/2022 Pro-life group warns against introducing abortion clinic buffer zones in Scotland
5/1/2022 UK Govt. promotes abortion at UN General Assembly
4/26/2022 New proposal in Italy would provide financial help to 100 abortion-vulnerable women
4/25/2022 Bishop of Paraguay calls on authorities to defend and promote families
4/22/2022 Guam Bill Would Ban Abortions on Unborn Babies With Beating Hearts
4/19/2022 State Legislators Have Introduced 536 Bills This Year to Protect Babies From Abortions
4/15/2022 Push to make abortion a 'human right' in Ecuador defeated after veto
4/13/2022 German court rules it’s illegal to ban pro-life protests outside abortion centers
4/12/2022 Three-parent embryo law passed in Australia
4/9/2022 Spain criminalizes pro-life outreach at abortion facilities
4/4/2022 Malta: Both major parties confirm pro-life position on abortion
3/30/2022 Biden budget doubles down on forcing taxpayer funding of abortions in US and abroad
3/28/2022 Pro-Life Groups Issue Joint Declaration Calling for End to Abortion
3/21/2022 UK: Bill hijacked with ‘DIY’ abortion amendment at 1 a.m. vote after confusion over LibDem free vote
3/18/2022 UK: House of Lords rejects assisted suicide
3/17/2022 Guatemala's President Declares Country the 'Pro-Life Capital of Latin America'
3/17/2022 Guatemala's President Declares Country the 'Pro-Life Capital of Latin America'
3/11/2022 Hungary Just Elected Its First Female President, And She’s Pro-Life and Pro-Family
3/10/2022 Sinaloa Congress decriminalizes abortion
3/8/2022 Pro-Lifers Demand Participation at UN Meeting
3/1/2022 UK Will Stop Mail-Order Abortions
3/1/2022 Radical pro-abortion Women’s Health Protection Act fails to pass Senate
2/25/2022 UK: Government confirms return of pre-pandemic safeguards for abortion provision
2/24/2022 More than half of U.S. abortions done by medication as of 2020 -report
2/22/2022 Colombia's highest court decriminalizes abortion
2/21/2022 Malta again rejects pressure to decriminalize abortion
2/19/2022 Emmanuel Macron calls for abortion to be added to EU rights charter
2/17/2022 Italian assisted suicide referendum blocked by court to protect “weak and vulnerable persons”
1/18/2022 Over 180 House Members Vow to Preserve Hyde Amendment
1/11/2022 Florida lawmakers introduce bill to ban abortion after 15 weeks
1/7/2022 Poland prepares initiative to encourage couples to have more children
1/6/2022 New Zealand: Pro-life groups object to ‘safe areas’ bill changes
1/4/2022 ​Scotland: Proposals for landmark assisted dying bill receive ‘unprecedented’ response
12/29/2021 Latinos Abandon Democrat Party in Record Numbers, Vote Republican Because They’re Pro-Life
12/27/2021 Indian women have 'abortion pills forced down throat' if unborn baby revealed to be girl
12/23/2021 Ohio governor signs bill protecting infants born alive after abortion